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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 8 – TV/Film VFX – Capital Ship Combat Techniques

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with another installment in the Practical Production Techniques series! In this installment, “Capital ship combat techniques” Kat walks you through the process of building out a shot using BattleStar Galactica style methods to pit Cylon Basestars against the Galactica herself with guns blazing along with missiles, flak shield effects, explosions and more. This video covers several unseen techniques from the show including the flak shield HV and PFX creation methods and demonstrates how the “big guns” on the Galactica were set up. CapitalShipCombatTechniques_2 Jammed packed with goodies (scene files, HVs are included with the content!) this video runs 4.5 hours and Kat is just warming things up with the new TV and Film VFX series that Kat has been developing for release here on over the last couple of months. This is the first video of that series and there are more to come. So if you have ever wanted to throw metal against metal in a big ship dogfight, this video will help you along with your efforts and then some. Here is a list of the different segments: 01-Introduction 02-FlakShieldBasicConcepts 03-FlakShieldHVSettingsPartOneCapitalShipCombatTechniques_1 04-FlakShieldHVSettingsPartTwo 05-FlakShieldHVSettingsPartThree 06-CylonMissileTrailsHVsParticles 07-BigGunsDiscussion_PartOne 08-BigGunsDiscussion_PartTwo 09-BigGunsDiscussion_PartThree 10-BigGunsDiscussion_PartFour 11-BigGunsDiscussion_PartFive 12-BigGunsDiscussion_PartSix 13-BigGunsDiscussion_PartSeven 14-BaseStarImpactExplosions_PartOne 15-BaseStarImpactExplosions_PartTwoBSG_AllIn_Lighting_R42_R04 16-BaseStarImpactExplosions_PartThree 17-BaseStarImpactExplosions_PartFour 18-BaseStarImpactExplosions_PartFive 19-BaseStarOtherGuyMissileTrail 20-AdditionalCameras 21-ExtraThoughts_Closer   Just $29.95 USD!

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