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Fusion For LightWave (2018) Artists Vol. VII

Kat is back with another installment of the Fusion for LightWave (2018) Artists series! Now in Volume VII (7), Kat walks you through a different workflow that will allow for extremely fast compositing build outs in Fusion 9.02. This method provides artists with an easy way to tackle very complex sets of render passes with multiple buffers in each pass being used, to bring together a photorealistic, real-world VFX shot (although a test)  working with the complete footage and asset package from his upcoming short film, “The Exchange”. With over 21GB of additional support materials which include the renders from Lightwave 2018 as well as the footage shot using a RED Scarlet (optional download), the scene and object files, the Fusion comp work-up files and of course the video recordings (primary product download), everything is ready for you to play with, take apart and study. Everything is included. At roughly 266 minutes or just under 4.5 hours in length, this video is jammed packed with helpful workflow techniques for LightWave artists getting into Fusion, working with the new PBR render engine output from LightWave3D 2018 and the “additive/normal” blending mode compositing formula process. This process, which is different from how Fusion artists would have worked with material from versions prior to LightWave3D 2018 is essential to know going forward with both Fusion and modern PBR rendering solutions including LightWave3D, Octane, Arnold, Redshift and more. Learn how to deal with some of the issues that may arise from certain buffers producing firefly (twinkly specular hits) in comp rather than having to re-render something with higher Reflection/Refraction sampling or AA/AS, easily. Also covered in this tutorial is how to quickly grade footage and the shot as a whole in order to complete a VFX shot making it seamless and photorealistic. Please note that this project in order to achieve maximum compression was archived using 7Zip technology. For more information follow this link (do not go to, it’s an adware site). This tutorial with all the goodies is a great deal at just $39.95USD

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2 Comments to Fusion For LightWave (2018) Artists Vol. VII

  1. Sid says:

    Hi Kat,

    So it is presently only this title Fusion For LightWave (2018) Artists Vol. VII and your previous title Vol VI which deal specifically with the LW2018 rendering engine ?

    Which do you prefer – I hear some people have mentioned fireflies on LW2018.

  2. kat says:

    I have mixed feelings on this honestly. I prefer the buffer system of exrTrader to either 2015 or 2018, and while i prefer the easy surfacing of 2018, the speed of 2015 in certain areas is rather interesting and I was able to do things like shut off volumetric anti-aliasing where I can’t do that in 2018 for legacy volumetrics, which is.. a little weird. The fireflies can be dealt with but I feel there is a bit more work to do there and its at the materials level, not the sampling level for refraction or reflection. I actually talk about this in the video.
    And yes, the previous video as well specifically deal with 2018’s render engine. There is more on the way, but the two pretty much cover most of what you need to know from a compositing stand point as to how to deal with it.

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