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Larry Shultz passes away – The loss of a community icon

It is with immense sadness that we have to announce that Larry Shultz died early this morning around 4:00am NZST. As many would have known, Larry has been seriously ill for some time now, however this never really seemed to place much of a damper on his jovial personality. It is a huge loss for everybody. Our hearts and prayers are with his family at this time…

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10 Comments to Larry Shultz passes away – The loss of a community icon

  1. mis says:

    Hey Larry
    Its been meny years since we first spoke
    on the old IRC channel but as we all know
    time flys by like a rocked

    i know you have been troubling with some stuff for a while
    ime sad to hear about the new of your loss
    i hope you now are in a better place

    best regards

    Mis // TRH Logos // Denmark

  2. frank shaw says:

    hey Larry

    You was one of my first, mentors in lightwave 7.5. I purchased your animating characters bundle.
    I know your in a better place, and my prayers go out to your friends and family.. god bless you all.
    frank shaw

  3. Victor says:

    ONe of my masters thanks to his tutorials… he made me love LW and 3D… and now it’s my job… RIP, Splinegod

  4. Greg Charest says:

    Can’t believe it.
    Truly a sad day.
    All the best from me and mine to those he’s left behind.

  5. Over the last two years I got to know a bit more Larry then just from his video’s and chats. Though it still feels I’ve lost a very old friend. You will be missed Larry, in many ways and more than you could ever imagine. All the love and strength for his family.

  6. Sahin Derun says:

    Rig God while you there Larry..
    I’m already miss you bro.

  7. Carol L Borrelli says:

    R.I.P. Larry, a truly gifted man. You will be greatly missed.

  8. Hazen Dunfee says:

    Rest in Pease Larry. You will be truly missed

  9. Umberto Celentano says:

    Are ever the best to pass away. I am sure that now you are teaching to the Angels the beautiful of 3D arts. Rest in peace Larry, hope to meet you in a next life.

  10. Herbicide says:

    The Larry I know… (a lightwave icon)

    Having spoken to him on numerous occasions, I don’t feel that he would want us to miss him; for that matter… doubt highly that wouldn’t even wish that we honor him.

    Perhaps its best to simply pay tribute to him with respectful memories in how he has inspired LightWavers worldwide.

    Many years ago, he inspired me to set up a Lightwave user group her in Europe and in doing so… I ended up pissing allot of people off. Larry and I laughed together about this on more than one occasion to say the very least. He’s still quite alive in my mind, and it is there that he will remain.


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