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FanBoy Series 2 – UV Unwrapping

If you’ve modelled the District 9 inspired 3D weapon from the first FanBoy training series, then you’ve probably been just dying for this one! Artist Kevin Phillips introduces part 2 of this project, and runs through the whole process of creating a complex UV Map for this rather complex model. Using just LightWave 10’s own native tools (and not reliant upon 3rd party plugins that you need to download, or that you cannot get for your particular system), the weapon is unwrapped from start to end, and the resulting map is exported out for painting in any of the popular 2D painting tools. For those only wanting to learn about UV unwrapping this model without having to model the weapon first, don’t fret!  The original 3D model is also supplied as part of the training material so you can follow along. You can follow the project, as well as ask questions and discuss the project on our forum system here. NOTE : This training takes you from start to end in creating the UV Map itself, and shows how to export it for painting in any painting software. It does not cover the actual painting of bitmap texture maps.
Since the release of this product to all our users has been delayed, until 01 August 2011 you can get 25% off the full price for this title by using the coupon code D9ATLAST. Be in quick to get it.
Note : This product is an approximate 1.8Gb download in 3 files, available immediately after purchase. Running time is around 3.8 hours (1064 x 840, Quicktime, Mpeg4).


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