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Iron Sky – Day 73

TGIF! Well maybe if we were not working 7 days a week. But hey, at least all the girls here are out wearing whatever they can to beat the heat. We are unfortunately stuck with it. The compositors are dying in this heat and we are in the same room with them so imagine how we feel. They have all the A/C and we get fans that blow around heat from the render farm. It’s totally awesome! Can’t blame them though, there is just no escaping it so it’s every man or kat for themselves. One of our LW artists goes back to London today, but on Sunday we are joined by his replacement and we are very excited and happy about it. More details on this shortly. I don’t want to spoil the surpise. Our Director is here today obvserving our progress and checking shots in the edit so I have to get back to things that need my attention. We start on “wrecking” some of the ships today and that’s going to be fun and a nightmare at the same time because of the fact that they are awesome designs, but also because of how they are “designed”. Put simply – not a lot of thought was put into how to make these models so they can be easily smashed or crushed or ripped in half. Yeah they look pretty sure, but making them look obliterated is starting to become a challenge. We will make it though. We have a Tuomas! 🙂

2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 73

  1. tuomas says:

    I just wish you were referring to some nice plugin instead of me 😛

  2. "Arnold" says:

    Phew. No mention about the hazzle with the channels. Oops.
    Man, when there are multiple ways of doing things, you always forgot to check one of them. Happened today with the ID thing.

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