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Lightwave Plugin of the Week: Rope Editor Plus

When I started this plugin of the week thing, I thought it would be nice to highlight some plugins that are cool but may not be well known. I think Rope Editor Plus fits into that category. If you need to make ropes or cables or anything that is rope-like, this is a plugin you should look at. In some ways it’s like an interactive extrude tool that gives you the ability to change the shape of the extrude even after the model has been saved. Check out the two videos on the site to see more Rope Editor action. Compatibility Notes: This is a pre-LW9 plugin, so there probably isn't a Win64 version available. There never was a Mac version. I sent an email to the author of the plugin regarding 64bit and Mac versions. A 64-bit version of the plugin is available for the PC. There was an "unofficial" version for the pre Intel-native version of LW for the Mac. Now that the dust has settled with Core, he said he may have to "consider support for the current native version of LightWave on the Mac." The plugin (or at least the demo version) still works in LW10.1. If you have any suggestions for plugins you'd like to see highlighted as an L3D plugin of the week, feel free to leave a your suggestions here or in the forums. dwburman

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