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Iron Sky – Day 74

The fight for freedom continues here on Saturday morning. I just went to a local shop to pick up Samuli a replacement for what I destroyed in about 15 seconds simply by doing something I used to do 8 -10 hours a day before getting into this stupid VFX business. They certainly don’t make those things like they used to. Gives me an idea to go back into that business should I decide that being a lowly vfx guy (who happens to know what the fuck he is doing btw) isn’t satisfying anymore. Anyway, I hope he likes it. Still, there is a lesson in responsibility here. If you wreck something, replace it with something better (I have by a factor of 10) . I just hope that translates the way I hope it does down the road when someone else wrecks something (and its coming) and we have to make it better with less time, less money, more stress, more nutbar ideas that we have to swim through to offer up on that alter of movie history – a finished film. In the trenches we are, fighting… painfully through things day in and day out 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day. For half rates, wrestling perfect pixels from mangled polys made in madness of never ending deadlines that dissolve as fast as they appear. Luke has been watching a lot of black adder lately. I think I am beginning to understand why.  It applies to our situation a lot. I really hope he has a good mini-vacation with his Fran Kat. I will be here holding down the fort with the Tuomas and our new arrival. Well that’s almost it from the front. – Lowly CGI guy. -(Formerly “just the render guy”) -(Guy who gets to say “I told you so” more often than not after watching a train wreck in slow motion pointing out many times where and what is about to happen next trying to stave off disaster – but through some curse – no one listens). Anyway, back to work. -Kat =^..^=   P.S. Samuli needs to buy a helmet.

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  1. jeric says:

    Not knowing what it is you used to do, this leaves me pondering: was it a spatula? Paintbrush? Shovel? Light meter?

  2. kat says:

    BMX freestyle (semi-competitively).
    I folded the back wheel of Samuli’s bike after it came “out of the drop outs” when I cranked on the power really hard. It’s a crappy road bike so I should have known better, but I bought him a nice decent replacement mountain bike from specialized.

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