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The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is the world’s fastest graphics card

AMD seems to be running circles around nVidia when it comes to desktop graphics cards these days. One of the bonuses of having an AMD based graphics card in the classes above 5xxx is that they have quadbuffered stereoscopic support enabled. nVidia graphics cards in the Geforce class do not. You would have to get a Quadro instead, even though they’re Geforce class chips including the Titan and GTX680 have “3dVision”, its not the same thing as quadbuffering output, and its more costly to use 3DVision to get stereoscopic 3D going and there is no guarantee you can make it work with your VFX/Graphics application. It’s not intended for that kind of use, as nVidia still seems to believe that only its Geforce partner manufactured cards are for games and games only. Can we say dumb and dumber? Yup. Regardless of which chip manufacturer you happen to have in your computer for graphics card or CPU, AMD seems to have a log going for it in this round of the never ending battle for domination of the world of computers.
The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is the world’s fastest graphics card

5 Comments to The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is the world’s fastest graphics card

  1. Scott says:

    Nice but no cigar.
    The only reason I would not buy AMD, it does not support Cuda Cores which are used in many applications now days.

  2. kat says:

    Of course it doesn’t support CUDA, CUDA is exclusively an nVidia technology.
    AMD went with the OpenCL direction which is also supported by nVidia (at least now they are).

    To each there own but several of the applications I work with support OpenCL. AgiSoft PhotoScan and IpiSoft DMC (for the solves) as well as Fusion. Outside of LightWave those are my main applications.
    BTW, there is nothing stopping you from having an nvidia and AMD graphics card in the same system. Use one for graphics display in stereo on multiple monitors (AMD only really does this right at the moment) and the other for CUDA/TFD Sims for example.

  3. SonicN2O says:

    Apple hasn’t specified which GPU the new Mac Pro will come standard with… I hope this is either an option or it’s upgradable like the previous generations.
    Thunderbolt 2 is pretty tantalizing as it’s fast enough to connect an external GPU box. Combine that with something like Octane render, and you don’t need a huge render farm.

  4. Scott says:

    You are right Kat I was not thinking about the other slots. Something to think about..

    • kat says:

      When I get my hands on a newer generation GTX I will give it a try. I don’t recommend running out and buying a titan and a 7990 and slapping them side by side in a machine at the moment. 🙂 Let experimental computer lab kat do that for you 🙂

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