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LightWave 3D and Kinect Presentation from NAB 2013

Rob Powers and Lino Grandi give a brief demo of a Kinect driving a character. I wonder when we’ll get this “out of the box” feature in our hands. I’m looking forward to playing with it. 🙂 LW_KinectDemo NAB Show 2013 – Rob Powers Demonstrates New Motion Capture Robot Demo There’s a different Kinect demo shown at the end of Rob’s Avatar V.A.D./LightWave Presentation. The Kinect part starts around 28:30 & 31:40. In this demo Rob moves his hands around to control the deformation of a Sub-D plane causing mountains to raise and move.

3 Comments to LightWave 3D and Kinect Presentation from NAB 2013

  1. kat says:

    Finally the demo is up. We don’t get much information about how it works but obviously the demo is proof of it work and we are all very excited about it! Now let us have it!

    Note that this functionally is not currently available.

  2. dwburman says:

    Yeah… the Virtual Studio tools for recording the performance are there, but the connection to the Kinect is not. Hopefully, there is an 11.5.1 release with this feature and some bug fixes in place.

  3. Laticis says:

    Very cool.

    Lightwave keeps moving in just the right directions.

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