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Free Videos: LScript Made Simple & 20 Minute Power Tower

Sometimes you’ll find yourself doing the same things over and over and over again. One great way to simplify your life is by coding all of those repetitive tasks into a script (either LScript or Python), but what if you don’t know how to program? In this video dwburman shows how some simple can be semi-automated very simply with LScript Commander. No programming knowledge required. When I (Dana) actually tried using this script for real, I had some problems with it. It’s possible that it didn’t work correctly, but it’s more likely that I just got confused. I switched it up so I manually selected the base camera before executing the command list and put the NextKey command at the beginning. That way I could easily check the results of the operation before advancing to the next camera. Sadly, there’s no LS Commander in Modeler where it could be even more helpful.

And last week’s free video: 20 Minute Power Tower

This video shows how to build a complex-looking scaffold/truss structure in less than 20 Minutes using Modeler’s Strand Maker tool and Layout’s negative line/point size.

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