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Lino Grandi talks LightWave and the new Intel E5 Xeon Processor at NAB

More news from NAB, and this time right to the source. Lino Grandi talks about LightWave’s performance on the latest Intel E5 Xeon Processor which features 32 threads. Crazy stuff. LinoOnWaskulTV Here is the link to the video And remember, you can get 20% off your purchases here at during NAB week. Just use the coupon code: NAB2013 when you check out of the store. We have 3 new videos from Adam Gibson covering LightWave3D 11.5 and Genoma’s rigging technology. So if you have been looking to get into Genoma but didn’t know where to start then check those videos out in the LightWave3D training section here on More news from NAB as it comes in! Keep checking back.

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