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LightWave 3D- UV Mapping Bundle Pack I (5 UV Mapping Courses Included)!!

Having a hard time UV Mapping your 3D models?
-This UV Mapping bundle pack will have you UV Mapping your models quickly!!
-These courses cover all the important UV Mapping Basics and Full UV Mapping Projects from start to finish!!
The “LightWave 3D- UV Mapping Bundle Pack I” contains:
1) Lightwave 2019- Volume #8- UV Mapping I 2) Lightwave 2015- Volume #9- UV Mapping- Dinosaur UV Project 3) Lightwave 11.5- UV Mapping a Human 4) Lightwave 11.5 UV Mapping a Creature 5) Lightwave 11.5 UV Mapping Essentials
Just $39.00 USD

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