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LightWave3D 2019.1.3 is now out!

  LightWave 3D® 2019.1.3 is available now in the Registration system as a free update for registered LightWave™ 2019 users. The fix that will affect the largest number of users is a change required for Layout/Modeler/Hub proper linking by OS changes introduced in recent Windows 10 updates that impacted the launch timing of the applications. Fixes in Layers Panel, Network Render Controller, Modeler LScript and for copying the License Key during Mac installs round out this maintenance release.

LightWave 3D® 2019.1.3 Changes

Bumped product version to 2019.1.3. Bumped build number to 3132.
  • Crash in Layers Panel on quit fixed
  • LB-5817 Layers Panel – Crash when using the all to ‘F’ layer button
  • LB-5842 Lost Node is not removed from Scene queue
  • LWB-5381 Internal Modeler Error 2902 (LScript)
  • LWB-5394 Layout and Modeler not communicating
  • LWB-5412 Does not copy License key file on Mac version Installer
  • LWB-5426 Network Render Controller (Mac OS) doesn’t start next scene in queue
  • LWB-5474 Very slow Layers Panel

We have a playlist showing some of the new workflows in LightWave 2019.1. These are, of course, still applicable in 2019.1.3: LightWave 3D 2019.1 Playlist If you have questions about the information, images and videos we share in a LightWave 3D blog entry, just drop your questions into the forum here: LightWave 3D General Techniques, Tips and Tricks Forum Section We will answer in the forum and also update the blog entry with the information. LightWave 2019 New Features Overview LightWave 2019 Tutorials Log In to Your Account to Download the Update Purchase your update from now! Featured image: Martin Boumans – Innovation

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