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TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack Volume 1.

The long-awaited TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack Volume 1. is now available! Check it out…

Kat does it again! Priced at just $39.95 this package is a great deal for TurbulenceFD users.

Over 40 individual and unique examples plus the work up files are included in this pack and that’s less than a dollar per scene. Most are render/sim ready for you to load up and make use of as you see fit in your own scenes. Included in this package are scene file folders containing the scenes categorized according to the type of explosion or effect. Description of their contents listed as follows:
  •  Abrams (Tank cannon barrel demo example)
  • FlakBursts (Ranging in style from conventional Anti-Aircraft flak guns to “Galactica style” flak, even though that was all done with HVs. A total of 11 are included plus the work up files so you can learn from them and the process that went into creating them)
  • FlashBang (Simple flash bang example, simply add your own point or spherical light in the center of the detonation, animate it to go “Off” with the explosion and you are good to go! BREACH! BREACH!)
  • Grenades (Fragmentation type although your interpretation of that may vary. These can easily be repurposed for RPG impacts or other weapons) .
  • IEDs (Five IED examples constructed from reference material of real combat video from Iraq and Afganistan. These range from small to hurt locker level.)
  • LandMines\Anti-Personnel (Similar to the IED examples, these are also built from reference video fromactual combat and are built off of two real-world mine types that are anti-personnel in purpose. M-14AP and M-16AP mines are standard US arsenal mines and used by militaries around the world. They can be used any way you see fit though so don’t limit your imagination. 11 mines are included in this package.)
  • Smoke Grenades (Several smoke grenades are included in this package which includes one for tear gas, RGB colors each and a basic generic setup as well.)
MP4 videos have been included for easy reference and can be found in the “Renders” folder. They are listed as follows: FlakBurst_One_R03 FlakBurst_Two_R02 FlakBurstEight_R02 FlakBurstEleven_R02 FlakBurstFive_R01 FlakBurstFour_R01 FlakBurstNine_R02 FlakBurstSeven_R02 FlakBurstSix_R01 FlakBurstTen_R01 FlakBurstThree_R01 FlashBang_R01 FragementationGrenadeThree_R01 FragementationGrenadeTwo_R01 FragmentationGrenade_R01 FragmentationGrenadeThree_R02 FragmentationGrenadeThree_R03 IED_Five_R03 IED_One_R01 IED_Four_R02 IED_Three_R03 IED_Two_R10 M1AbramsTank_BasicSetUp_R09 M-14AP_Mine_Five_R02 M-14AP_Mine_Four_R02 M-14AP_Mine_R04 M-14AP_Mine_Six_R01 M-14AP_Mine_Three_R01 M-14AP_Mine_Two_R01 M-16AP_MineFive_R01 M-16AP_MineFiveR01 M-16AP_MineFour_R01 M-16AP_MineOne_R01 M-16AP_MineOneB_R01 M-16AP_MineThree_R01 M-16AP_MineTwo_R01 M-16AP_MineTwoB_R01 SmokeGrenade_Green_R01 SmokeGrenade_TearGas_R01 SmokeGrenade_Two_R01 SmokeGrenadeBlue_R01 SmokeGrenadeOne_R03 SmokeGrenadeRed_R01 Just $39.95USD

2 Comments to TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack Volume 1.

  1. Sid says:

    Kat, is Turbulence fully compatible with LW 2018, so are all the tutorials for Turbulence still valid going forward ? Thanks !

    • kat says:

      I haven’t personally tried it just yet as I’ve been swamped, but the general word is yes. The new volumetric system in LW includes a “Legacy volumetrics”…. slot, if you will. How things are set up won’t really change once things are loaded in that slot. All the tutorials will be valid. LW 2018 or Next support has been included in TFD since Sept of last year.

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