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LightWave 11.5 Feature Release Video – Upgrade now available!

The LightWave Group just posted the 11.5 Feature Release video on their You Tube channel. Enjoy the visual goodness. 🙂

Features list from the video:

Bullet Dynamics
  • Soft Body Dynamics
  • Respects Bone Deformations
  • Cloth Dynamics
  • Bullet Forces
Fiber FX
  • Respects Soft Bodies
  • New Bundling Options
  • New Editing Style Guides
After Effects Interchange
  • (From in AE: Export>Send Camera to LightWave 3D)
  • (From in LightWave: LWtoAE button, LWtoAE Settings button)
MDD Multi-Loader
  • (Use MD Multi-Baker to bake .mdds for multiple files)
  • (Use MDD Multi-Loader to bring those files back in all at once with the option to match .mdd files to object names)
New Modeling Tools
  • ABF UV Unwrapping
  • Edit Edges
  • New Tools Preserve UVs
  • Transform (handles in modeler)
  • Heat Shrink
  • Thicken
  • Place Mesh
  • Tweak (move points/edges/polys and bevel on the fly)
  • Modular Instant Rigging System | Rig Presets
Virtual Studio
  • (Shows clips mostly from Siggraph 2012 presentations)
VPR / Renderer
  • DOF in VPR
  • Node Edge Rendering
  • Motion Blur in VPR
  • Predator/Prey Behavior | Node-Control
  • Per-Object Control | Copy/Paste Functions
Workflow Enhancements
  • Dome Light Image Maps
  • Center Speed Curves (in Graph Editor)
  • Surface Editor Paste Options
  • Motion Path Options (colors, length)
Registered LightWave 11 owners should find the upgrade in their account at Look toward the bottom of the LightWave 11 section.

3 Comments to LightWave 11.5 Feature Release Video – Upgrade now available!

  1. kat says:

    Nicely Done video from The LightWave Group 🙂

  2. Laticis says:

    Really looking forward to having play.
    Very nice launch 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    LightWave…Just keeps getting Better!

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