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New LightWave 11.5 Tutorial: Space Toon: Volume One

Space Toon: Volume One takes you through the whole process of making a retro cartoon style space scene from making the space backdrop in Textured Environment through making a planet, learning about LightWave edge options and LightWave 11.5’s new edge nodes, modeling a wrecked space ship (starting with a simple cylinder, cutting away parts and then using the new Thicken tool to finish it off), modeling a small fighter craft for use in cel shading, adding edges and surfacing (ink and paint) to your models, combining everything together using Load From Scene, and finally animating the camera and two fighters for our final shot. Over 4 Hours 30 Minutes of Training for only $29.95
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2 Comments to New LightWave 11.5 Tutorial: Space Toon: Volume One

  1. Rwhunt99 says:

    The name indicates a volume two or more, does volume one stand on it’s own, or is there more to the project?

  2. dwburman says:

    This tutorial stands completely on its own. I had a little more planned for the Space Toon tutorial, but it was already getting to be pretty long which why I stopped where I did and named it Volume One. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when I’ll get time to make Volume Two, but I have some ideas for it that I think people will like.

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