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TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in and have teamed up once again to bring you a deal you really shouldn’t pass on. A few years back we organized a group buy-in for TurbulenceFD for LightWave and now we are doing it again. You may have seen Kat post details about this on various facebook LW groups but if not here it is again. Here is how it works. Jawset has a Volume Pricing Discount for TFD, normally reserved for studios who would buy more than one or two seats and as a result get a discount for doing so. In the group buy-in scenario, acts as the “studio” by collecting names of LightWave users who want to pick up a seat of TFD at a discount and purchases on their behalf. In order for this to work with the greatest discount amount per seat, we need lots of people to participate and thus far we have approximately gathered 13 people looking to purchase TFD. ¬†That bring the effective price per seat down to roughly 300 USD each, including a 15-20 dollar fee that we apply in order deal with any currency fluctuations and transactions fees incurred along the way. We would like to get that price down even further and each new participant drives the cost per seat down. So if you have been looking to pick up TurbulenceFD for LightWave now is a great time to get in on this deal. You will also get a steep discount coupon issued to you for Kat’s Turbulence FD and related training which you can use as many times as you like over the course of a year. Don’t wait though, we are closing the door on participation in a few days so act now! If you are interested email immediately to raise your hand!

8 Comments to TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in

  1. John Marchant says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Im in as you know.

  2. Wayne Reese says:

    I am interested in participating in the group purchase.

  3. ianr says:

    Kat Whats The Rev number, is there advection added in?.

    please post on LW thread ASAP. Thanxs

  4. Ruediger Woelfelschneider says:

    I think it’s great that there is the possibility. ;-))

    I’m in.

  5. Kat says:

    Ian, Rev number? 1425, but that’s not relevant to anything.
    Advection – NO. Because LWs particle system has no knowledge of what this is, you can blame rob powers for that because of him canceling the new particle system in order to do whatever it is that was more important because of the screw up with chronosculpt and the vapor ware hydra mesh engine which was never possible for transplanting into modeler or layout. So, someone was pulled off of the new particle system in factor of “mesh system improvements”.

    And I’m not allowed on the forums. Guess why?

  6. Kat says:

    Getting closer to having everyone in. It’s a lot of people. I’m kind of disappointed by the number of people who have had to drop out but i fully understand their reasons. Considering how much bigger this group buy in is compared to the last one I did I guess its about the same rate. So all is good.
    There may be some room for others but the price is now locked so if you want to get in you can but it won’t bring the price down anymore as people have already paid into the pool at the locked in price.
    Even if it wasn’t locked the discount has kind of hit a floor. It quite literally goes down by pennies at this point with each additional seat.

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