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Celshading without Shaders, Tips and Tricks

Celshading, the technique used to create a 2D visual style from 3D, is commonly associated in LightWave as an effect created through the use of custom plugins and shaders. While there’s no doubt that these tools produce great results, they are often specialised for just that particular purpose, and don’t always offer a wide range of creative options to the CG artist. In this 1 hour 20 mins video tutorial series, I take you through the basics of creating celshaded surfaces using the tools in LightWave’s surfacing system. I also offer up some handy tips on faster workflow, throw in ideas and approaches for modifying and customizing your shading, and how to take advantage of the extra grunt offered by the Node system. The female character and scene is included with this tutorial.
Celshade Sampler video


Note : this product is a download (approx. 360Mb).

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