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Friday, September 23rd, 2011


Urban Pad2 Viral Marketing Campaign!

It seems the original viral marketing campaign that PMG did with Messiah has caught on with another vendor. This time its for Urban Pad version2 from For 29 bucks you can get cities at your finger tips, IF they meet their goal for sales at that price by  October 2nd. If they don’t they will refund everyone but I think this one is going to meet its goal as well. Could be very handy for something I have in mind down the road. The product exports to FBX andRead More

Iron Sky – Day 130

We get a visit from our director today. Weee. In other more exciting useful news after spending the week constructing and breaking out shots we have put ourselves back onto a decent schedule that is starting to stabilize. Hopefully our visit doesn’t blow all of that out of the water. Today’s a day for checking renders, saving out camera motions for the Nuke people (sad, they should have used fusion, but noooooo, everyone wants to be trendy and use nuke… because its… better? ah no, because it’s trendy and theRead More