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Iron Sky – Day 130

We get a visit from our director today. Weee. In other more exciting useful news after spending the week constructing and breaking out shots we have put ourselves back onto a decent schedule that is starting to stabilize. Hopefully our visit doesn’t blow all of that out of the water. Today’s a day for checking renders, saving out camera motions for the Nuke people (sad, they should have used fusion, but noooooo, everyone wants to be trendy and use nuke… because its… better? ah no, because it’s trendy and the “big boys use it”, piss off) and in general keeping on trucking.  At least I’m getting a decent meal this evening at a kitties house. Kats love Decent Meals! I personally can’t wait to be done with our work on Iron Sky so I can get back to Vancouver and continue on with my life. It’s hard living out of a suitcase for months on end doing these kinds of hours and not a lot of thanks in return for it. I personally have done this kind of thing 4 times now and I am sure someone somewhere in the world may ask me to do it again before the next year is out, but at some point I have to start doing my own films so I can personally torture artists and other film makers through the same kind of directing/producing styles I have encountered in Europe over the past 5 years….. oh wait… I would never ever be able to do that, because I actually know what I want, I know how to get it and I know what I am talking about. So much for that idea.  

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