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Iron Sky – Day 136

Thursday afternoons are always a bitch, but we have been having a bit of fun here as well. We watched TeraNova last night…. Yeah ok. Who did the green screen keying on the shot with buddy from avatar and the ex-cop dad guy looking over the settlement about 2/3rds into the show? How those shots made it into the show… well I don’t know…Really… Come on Spielberg. At least the Dinos looked ok. I would have done a few things differently in comp on them, but they looked pretty good. Wee! Done with LightWave3d~! Anyway, it’s not ‘crunch time’ around here, but we are working as fast as we can to deliver several shots for this weekend here on Iron Sky. The guys are working away on the last few bits that need polish before hitting “commit” on the render farm. Unfortunately I think we loose Tuomas this weekend back to his regular gig in Hellstinki. (hehe) I wonder if he’s taking his excessive exercise  ball or not. Luke is dealing with some maya evilness at the moment and I’m not talking to him because he’s trying to learn something in it when there is stuff to do. Of course I’m just harassing him. I rather him looking at solving a problem for a shot than that damn hippy youtube cover song crap he keeps watching over and over and over again. Thousand years of darkness! These are all inside jokes of course. Better for me to make jokes than all serious kat all the time it seems. Oh, a treat for you folks! In a few days we will be able to show off some more stills from the show. I’m going to try and get Samuli to release a few really nice images for Desktop wallpaper use, but I ask that if you are following the blog – to help out with promotion of the film by linking to it anywhere you can or even by picking up a cool t-shirt from the ironsky shop. is the place to go if you haven’t snagged one already. They are in short supply (because we haven’t got ours even yet… what is it with 3d people and not getting their t-shirts?) so act now. Cute finnish kitties (hot girls) are standing by to take your order.      

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6 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 136

  1. kat says:

    You don’t need headphones to read with Luke… you can put those down.

  2. Lol.. that was the first thing I noticed also.. the view from the mountain down into the valley, lol

  3. J. says:

    Could you also post some shots of green screen stuff comped into virtual sets? Really like to see how that turned out!

  4. Pale Black says:

    Done in LW3D is a bit misleading; according to the fxguide article, it was lit and rendered with LW, but animation was in Maya (didn’t mention anything about modeling other than Zbrush, though). Not taking away LW’s probably significant contribution to the show, just wanted to point that out.

    I’m looking forward to those wallpapers!

  5. Pale Black says:


    Good one Kat.

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