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November LightWave Newsletter (Exclusive Deals from

For those of you subscribed to the LightWave3D newsletter, you may have noticed the announcement concerning  If you haven’t then you need to read more here about a special deal we have going. First of all, is now an official, authorized reseller of The LightWave3D Group products line for North America. That means you can buy LightWave3D full seats and upgrades as well as NevronMotion and Chronosculpt from along with your training and complimentary tools produced by our Citizens to get you up and running fast. Also, you may have noticed we are running a 25% off sale to celebrate this new status and you can take advantage of this special discount right now by using the Coupon Code: LWGNOVEMBER We have already discounted The LightWave3D Group products to reflect the sale pricing that the Lightwave3D group is offering for upgrades and new seats of LightWave3D, leaving you free to use the coupon on other purchase from now until December 5th, 2013. To sweeten the deal to those who purchase their upgrades and seats for LightWave3D, or seats of NevronMotion or Chronosculpt through – we will be issuing a special coupon for 35% off purchases of our training and Tools for those customers during the time that The LightWave3D group has their sale running. You simply can’t beat that! Click here to check out the deals on LightWave3D We have more training coming all the time and we appreciate your support, making the largest training site in the world for LightWave3D! Cheers! The Citizens

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