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Lightwave3D Used Extensively in “CARGO”

For those of you who have been paying attention to the “NewTek Now” section this month, CARGO is listed as one of the films where Lightwave3D was used extensively to make the VFX. I happened to work on that show with 2 other great and talented Lightwave folks out of Europe. So props are required for Oliver Vogel and Robbie Muller (especially robbie who built the entire station42 model and most of the sequences before I even got there… the man is insane!) for hanging tough and making the show shine under the worst of circumstances (a whining and very uncooperative C4D team or 7 guys who pissed about and ended up with us re-doing several of their shots). Now if we could only get the producer of this film to pay out in full the Lightwave 3D VFX team for this movie that has been out now for 9 months. Bastards!

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