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ZBRUSH 3.5 – UV Un-wrapping with UV Master

Learn to Master the “UV Master” Plug-in
This video covers in detail the new FREE UV Unwrapping Plug-in available for Free Download at the Pixologic website.
Topics Covered:
  • 1 Click UV Unwrapping
  • Symmetrical UV Editing
  • Control Painting
  • Ambient Occlusion UV Unwrapping
  • Density UV Editing Preset Editor
  • Work on Clone Feature
  • Copy and Paste UV Buttons
  • Check UV Seams and Clear Maps Feature
  • How to Combine UV Masters different types of UV Unwrapping Features together for more control over your UV’s
  • Polygroup UV Unwrapping
  • Polypaint UV Unwrapping
  • Masking UV Unwrapping
  • ZSphere UV Unwrapping
  • Examples of how to unwrap different types of characters from basic low poly meshes to more high poly more complicated characters.
  • How to use an external 3D Application in combination with UV Master Plug-in to create much cleaner UV Unwrapping in ZBrush.
  • How to Delete a UV Map off your mesh.
  • How to Edit a UV Map in Flatten Mode using ZBrush’s Move Brush
  • How to Export a UV Map to another 3D program for UV Editing and how to re-import back again with the new changes to the UV.
  • Create UV Maps in ZBrush easily to use in your traditional 3D Animation Package. In most other 3D Packages UV Mapping is a very time consuming process. Speed up your production pipeline with the techniques in this powerful training video.
Basically an A to Z course on all the new UV Unwrapping possibilities/techniques in ZBrush 3.5 using the new UV Master Plug-in. *Running Time: 3 hrs 45 mins-Approx. $39.00 USD Instant Download

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