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Lightwave 9 – Surfacing Vol. 1 Essentials

A detailed introduction to LightWave’s powerful Surface Editor.

  • Learn how to name surfaces/polygons.
  • Learn how to load preset surfaces.
  • Learn how to make your own surfaces and save them as surface preset.
  • Learn how to make a save all your own pre-made surfaces in their own special directory.
  • Discover Lightwave’s collection of built-in pre-made/pre-set surfaces like: rock, metal, glass, chrome, nature, organic…..and tons more!!!
  • Learn how to edit a surface preset made and create whole new surface based on the original.
  • Learn how to rename surfaces.
  • Learn how to preview surfaces in the Surface Editor.
  • Learn how to use the search command to find textures quickly.
  • Introduction to the Viper Preview Renderer.
Running Time: 2 Hours-Approx. $19.00 USD – Instant Download

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