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Lightwave 9.6 – Adv. UV Mapping/Texturing Vol.1

Video Contents of Volume 1:

  • Advanced UV Unwrapping Techniques
  • Advanced use of the PLG UV Tools-A FREE Tool for Download.
  • Advanced UV EDITING
  • UV Island Creation
  • How to take Multiple UV Islands and Create 1 Giant UV Island.
  • How to fix OVERLAPPING UV’s using basic tools like the Drag and Move Tool.
  • How to Unwrap UV’s Objects/Meshes without have to break it into different layers.
  • How to Unwrap UV’s with the help of the Surface Editor and Create Parts tool.
  • How to break down your model into logical parts for easier UV Unwrapping.
  • Where to logically create UV Seams when UV Unwrapping.
  • How to Apply Checkerboard Patterns
  • How to Edit your UV Map using Checkerboard Patterns.
  • Understanding UV Space in relation to Image Map/Pixel space.
  • And much much more.
Running Time: Approx. 6.5 Hours High Quality Quicktime Files for clean and sharp viewing on your Computer Monitor. $29.00 USD – Instant Download

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