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Kelly “Kat” Myers

Kelly, or “Kat” as some call him, has been working with LightWave and Fusion for almost 2 decades.

As the VFX Consultant for Battlestar Galactica, he has won both a Peabody and an Emmy Award (Honors Certificate) during seasons II and III as part of the crew. Before BSG, Kat had worked on SG:1, SG: Atlantis, Elektra, The Final Cut, White Chicks, plus several Sy-fy network shows over the years on set doing Motion Control Camera work and real-time compositing, on set supervision or CG supervision in post. In 2011, Kat signed on to be the CG Supervisor for Iron Sky. After spending almost 8 months there working on the show, Kat is currently freelancing globally while preparing his own webseries called “Stasys“. This series will be fully CG and done in Stereoscopic 3D and realized in other formats as well. (More about that later). He won an award for Iron Sky as well out of Australia. Neat. Best Visual Effects or something for the AACTA event that was held in January 2013 down in Sydney.

On top of all of this he has a bit of a gaming production background while loving arcade classics like Gauntlet and Black Tiger (which he named his record label after). He continues today to produce VFX work as both an artist and supervisor for productions around the world while somehow fitting in the time to write TV/Film Scripts when he can’t sleep.

Outside of VFX, Kat’s other persona, DJ Lithium relates to his other favorite profession, which is of course the art of vinyl record Deejaying. Considered by many to be one of the top Trance DJs in North America, he owns and operates the trance label group, Black Tiger Recordings and his mixes can be heard via iTunes. As a producer of over 16, 12″ singles and dozens of incredibly popular DJ mixes, radio has has been on the air for over 15 years with fans in every corner of the globe. His very first record released in February of 2014 (about freaking time) and he is already working on more tracks for 12” release and eventually a complete album to debut sometime in the fall/winter of 2014.

Kat would also really like to protect and raise armies of these friendly little animals know as Ocelot’s who are native to the southwestern portion of the United States (where Kat is actually from). Aren’t these guys cute! ?


Fur Coated Razor Blades on command! Yes, march and destroy my Kitties!

The world is our sand box!

Anyway, if you need to get a hold of Kat, there are about 50,000 ways to do so on this site. But you can take the quick route by emailing or heading over to our parent company website at