RR Tools

The RR Tools plugin set is designed to make animating and rigging in Layout efficient. Check out the videos and descriptions below for more details.

COMPATIBILITY: (Windows OS: requires LW 11+) … (MAC OS: Requires LW 2015.1+.)
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Translate Average, Rotate Average, Adjust Pivot, Group, and Keep: A set of tools that make performing distributed movements and rotations possible.

Grabber : A production tool designed to let you animate anything relative to any pivot you set. Video explains the difference between this and LW 2015’s parenter tool.

Pose Tools : Designed with a minimalist approach for rapid saving/loading of poses using context-sensitive controls.

Mass Motion: Enables you to massively apply and update changes to your scene via cloning. This can be used on all object types; update Light parameters that can’t be multi-select edited, tweak hypervoxel settings across hundreds of items, adjust dozens of cameras at once, etc.

Symmetry Edit Mode (free tool): Allows symmetrical animation and rig adjustment. Works even if multiple characters are in the scene and can work on top of most rigs in Lightwave. Download the free, uncompiled script using the link at the top of the page.

Bone Scale to Rest Length : Allows you to adjust the rest lengths of chains of bones by simply scaling their topmost parent.

Bleed Keys : Helps with motion capture and other workflows that involve dense keyframing, allowing you to clear out keyframes adjacent to your playhead’s position in the timeline.

Switch Baker:. This non-UI script allows the user to bake things rapidly and works instantly in most cases. It bakes almost everything, including IK and match goal orientation.

RR_DDRIG_IKBCHAIN : See video demo Designed for use with IKBooster as part of a “Deploy and Destroy” series of rigging functions that aim to treat rigs as manipulations modes rather than constraints. This tool allows for instant add or removal of a full time IK chains in mid-animation thus providing many new possibilities for character animation such as real-time feedback during editing. A pre-constructed IKBooster control setup provides extremely fast editing and adjustment without the need to worry about gimbal lock or rotation order issues. To use it, select one or more hand or foot bones and run the tool; note that the IK chain must consist of 3 consecutive bones. To bake the animation onto the rig and remove the IK chain, simply select the goal(s) and run this same tool… it will bake the animation of the constrained bones from time of creation to position of playhead when run, then clear the IK setup(s). The .LWS file provided with this plugin MUST be located in the same folder as this script. If you’d like to change the size/look of the IKBooster goal widget, the scene file can be edited to suit your preferences.