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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011


Iron Sky – Day 37.5 (NewTek rocks!)

Just wanted everyone to know that NewTek came through for us. Awesome stuff. Special thanks from me and everyone at Iron Sky VFX/Energia to the wonderful people at NewTek EU and NewTek USA. 🙂

Iron Sky – Day 37

Well its become hot again here in Tampere and the office is – how to put this mildly… Frakken hot! Not much we can do about it however as we are rendering some very long (+500 frames per pass) establishing shots  and need all the care and quality that we can afford to throw at them at this time. I’m not too keen on the render controller being used which will remain nameless. It requires way too many hops and skips and jumps to submit a job and while itRead More