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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


Iron Sky – Day 17

I just sent Luke home after he had pulled about 18 hours straight. I am here doing some last minute tests before heading home myself. All we have left to do for our next batch of renders is do some object swap outs, tripple check everything for placement, light the scene for key, fill, bounce (no big deal – I can do that in my sleep and probably will have to) , set up the break out scenes and throw it on the farm. I hope the power holds forRead More

Iron Sky – Day 16.

One thing I have learned about working in mixed pipelines over the last 5 years is to NEVER let an artist who works in the “other package” to leave the establishment until all things they were supposed to do for you after pointing them out and asking for things to be done on time every time and exacting to your specifications. If they manage to sneak out, you may find that its faster for you to rebuild the thingy in LightWave the way you want it and need it thanRead More