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Sunday, June 12th, 2011


FX Insider Interviews Steve Roberts (CEO Eyeon Software)

FX Guide is generally a no BS site, (kind of like when it comes to calling it as they see it. Here is an interview with Steve Roberts, the CEO of Eyeon Software. I think everyone who composites and even does 3D work only right now should listen and or read the article itself. Here is the link to check it out. If you didn’t get a copy of Fusion back when I did that promotion with that “other company” or missed out on the NAB deal this year,Read More

Iron Sky – Day 22

I’m pretty sick today after I started to feel my annual sinus and ear infection coming on. It’s early this year. The last really bad one was in December so I guess it must be the apocalypse or something. It could also be delayed from the incredibly horrible plane ride over here on Air Berlin. It was as hot on that plane the entire ride (11 hours) as it has been here in the office for the last two weeks. Nasty stuff. Anyway, Luke is passed out back at theRead More

Iron Sky – Day 21

Luke and I are here in the office doing a bit of half on half off day so we can do laundry and spend some kind of time sleeping a full 8-10 hours. Think of it as base camp activities before we have to go back out on patrol hunting space nazis. The heat in here, even though its trying outside, to rain – its still brutal. I feel that it’s incredibly unfair for anyone to have to work in this heat and I’m going to try do something aboutRead More