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Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


LightWave Product News from Siggraph!

The LightWave development team has been busy over the last few months. ChronoSculpt ChronoSculpt is an amazing looking new product from the LightWave Group that gives cg artists the ability to edit cached animation files and to sculpt over time. It does not appear to create new geometry, but it can throw a massive amount of polygons around with blazing speed. Using ChronoSculpt’s streamlined, uncluttered environment artist’s can retime clips, move pieces around, fix pieces in place and globally change the shape of the cached geometry so it looks likeRead More

Kelly “Kat” Myers’ Siggraph Presentation

Our own Kelly “Kat” Myers gave a presentation at the NewTek booth showing how they used LightWave 11’s (then) new instancing tools to build shots for Iron Sky. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this video to be republished by the LightWave Group