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Sunday, July 17th, 2011


Iron Sky VFX (Energia Productions) – Help Wanted! LightWave Artists!

As the post states, Iron Sky Visual FX here in Tampere, Finland is looking for some extra hands on deck and possibly remotely to work on Iron Sky. We are looking for the following: Strong Generalists able to model, light and when required texture. Should have excellent understanding of multi-pass shot break outs and rendering methods. In addition we seek LightWave artists with demonstrable skills (meaning you can do it and show us you can do it over skype session if need be) in PFX, Dynamics (Hard FX, FX LinkerRead More

Iron Sky – Day 58

Tuomas, Luke and I are in the office today with Samuli. We have discovered a really awesome fuck up with Modo if you send a LWO to it and make any changes. The problem is that if you have an object with multiple layers and fire it off to modo to do even the slightest edit, it will re-order the layers on save. When you bring this back into modeler or layout in LightWave3D, and that object is rigged with a purpose… oh boy does it really screw things up.Read More

LScripts and more!

Kevman3D has posted a whole schwack (yes that’s a technical term we use in production) of LScripts in our Forums freebies section. Remember, you have to be a registered user and logged in on our forums in order to access the freebies section, but registration is easy! Go for it!