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Iron Sky VFX (Energia Productions) – Help Wanted! LightWave Artists!

As the post states, Iron Sky Visual FX here in Tampere, Finland is looking for some extra hands on deck and possibly remotely to work on Iron Sky. We are looking for the following: Strong Generalists able to model, light and when required texture. Should have excellent understanding of multi-pass shot break outs and rendering methods. In addition we seek LightWave artists with demonstrable skills (meaning you can do it and show us you can do it over skype session if need be) in PFX, Dynamics (Hard FX, FX Linker etc.)  and HVs. If you have TFD from JawSet experience this would be an extremely helpful and desired skill. While the positions would be best suited for someone who can work with us directly on site in Tampere, remote work is also an option as we are ramping up to 24 hour cycles on the production so timezones are not a factor. If you are interested, please email your resume and demo reel link (links only please, no big files) with shot break downs to  

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2 Comments to Iron Sky VFX (Energia Productions) – Help Wanted! LightWave Artists!

  1. jeric says:

    hell of a time for my video card to blow up.

  2. jeric says:

    BUT, fwiw, I’d happily relocate to Tampere, despite what I’ve heard about the food. >;^D

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