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Iron Sky – Day 58

Tuomas, Luke and I are in the office today with Samuli. We have discovered a really awesome fuck up with Modo if you send a LWO to it and make any changes. The problem is that if you have an object with multiple layers and fire it off to modo to do even the slightest edit, it will re-order the layers on save. When you bring this back into modeler or layout in LightWave3D, and that object is rigged with a purpose… oh boy does it really screw things up. So thanks for nothing Luxology! Back to LightWave and we will stay there! Thankfully within a few moments we had figured out what Modo had done to fuck us over and we fixed it. Some wanted to jump to the conclusion and blame LightWave (luke has become cynical at times, but its really a lack of sleep) but in the end it wasn’t LightWaves’ fault at all. Besides this issue, things have been going relatively well all things considered. Tuomas has been blowing his brains out fixing a seriously messed up maya model that has been giving us headaches for some time. However – he has just announced to me in “happy FinnishKat” language that he’s done with the needed changes for a batch of shots establishing the “ship” in the film and is now celebrating with a glass of slightly warm Dr Pepper.  According to him though there are still a “shit load” of things to do to it to improve it but for these shots right now we are ok. It’s the next batch of shots that need some additional “hero” modeling work. All in due time of course. Back to Luke for a moment. On friday he was ready to jump off a bridge (common theme here in finland) and I finally said “Let’s try TAFT” from Worley. It took a bit to get the order processed but we picked up two seats and by “just now (as in the moment in passing just a moment ago)” – that his rig that he’s been working on for the same hero ship that Tuomas has been fighting with is ready to rock. Now we have to clone it to the other side (this should be interesting) as this thing is a bit of a gunslinger 🙂 Pewpeow! Fun with weapons! Needless to say the reason why I bring up Taft is that it does exactly what we wanted to get done but couldn’t easily get working inside of LightWave3D natively. Just because Taft was written oh say 13 years ago maybe (1997 I think) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work today and we are running the latest and greatest version of LightWave10.x (shhh). And yes, Taft is available in 64bit. Luke is so pleased with what it did for him that I bought him a copy. Wait a second? I bought him a copy? Yes, I bought him a copy that he can take home afterwards once we finish this show so he wouldn’t jump off a bridge. These are the things you must be willing to do in order to get the job done 🙂 Now then, with out further delay… OFF to the RENDER FARM with you my pretties!  

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7 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 58

  1. dwburman says:

    I’m sure it helped that Worley lowered his prices. Taft used to be $199 (probably what I paid for it) and now it’s $49.

    I don’t think the current version is fully compatible with the Mac LW 9.6.1 and up. (9.6 is fine) 🙁

  2. dwburman says:

    I’m sure it helped that Worley lowered his prices. Taft used to be $199 (probably what I paid for it) and now it’s $49.

    I don’t think the current version is fully compatible with the Mac LW 9.6.1 and up. (9.6 is fine) 🙁

  3. Wolvster says:

    Probably a ” REALLY ” dumb question but I’m curious. Since Lightwave is the ” go to ” program why are you guys using so many different platforms ? From reading your Blogs it’s like 90% of your headaches are FROM all the other pieces of software and not really Lightwaves fault ? just curious ? 🙂

  4. kat says:

    It seems to be ok here in 10.x

  5. jeric says:

    Which bit of Taft? IIRC, there’s a number of plugins of all types in that suite. (I should refresh my memory, since I paid for it.)

    I’m hoping Worley will come back strong to LW now that CORE has a stake thru its silly, silly heart.

  6. kat says:

    @ Wolvster. In short, its because there is a lack of LightWave talent that has production experience or isn’t working and is available. LightWave artists are rare even on good days, because most of them are working and you would never know they are out there. Others are excellent but don’t have the production experience needed, however thats quickly becoming a non-issue. For me I would rather take someone who is good at what they do and guide them through the rest of the process using my experience over the years to help them along and avoid the pit falls.
    Due to the lack of accessable LW talent (and other factors that make it difficult to source them) – this production has had to go with maya to a large extent, which is the same with many other productions at this level but in there, somewhere is a lightwave factor. It’s interesting because the head guy on the show, samuli is a lightwave guy through and through. Some day, not far in the future, all maya artists will be working for LightWave people 🙂


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