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Friday, March 30th, 2018


Deep FX World Releases Colorida Motion FX for mograph artists working in LightWave3D

Even more LightWave3D news today! This time from 3rd Party Developer, Deep FX World. Mambo, who is on fire at the moment with his tools for LightWave and has been really rocking it over the last year or so, has just released a great plug-in that is very affordable and it comes in the form of Coloria Motion FX. You can find out more about this awesome tool including a demo version here.  

LightWave3D 2018.0.3 Released.

In a flurry of activity we have not seen since the LightWave3D 9.x development cycle, the LightWave Group has released yet another patch for LightWave 2018! Go to your accounts at and download the latest patch now. For those of you who have no upgraded, you must upgrade by March 31st to save on your upgrade. Don’t hesitate. The price is going up on April 1st! Here is the changelog for the new patch (2018.0.3) if you are interested in finding out what they have been up to sinceRead More