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LightWave3D 2018.0.3 Released.

In a flurry of activity we have not seen since the LightWave3D 9.x development cycle, the LightWave Group has released yet another patch for LightWave 2018! Go to your accounts at and download the latest patch now.

LightWave3D 2018.0.3 in action!

For those of you who have no upgraded, you must upgrade by March 31st to save on your upgrade. Don’t hesitate. The price is going up on April 1st! Here is the changelog for the new patch (2018.0.3) if you are interested in finding out what they have been up to since the previous patch release. There are a lot of fixes in here on top of many more that came in the previous two patch releases. This is wonderful! Thank you to the developers at The LightWave Group! Keep kicking ass =^..^=__! LightWave users! Show your¬†support! Upgrade your copy today!
LightWave 2018.0.3 (Build 3066) Final Release Change Log - Mar 29, 2018

2018.0.3 will install into its own directory. 2018.0.3 uses the same license as your 2018.0, 2018.0.1, and 2018.0.2 license - just drag-and-drop the license into the interface of 2018.0.3 when first launching 2018.0.3.

Bumped product version to 2018.0.3.
Set the build number to 3066

Corrected the Windows Installer script to restore the 'Custom' component-selection page.
Corrected handle drawing on the Feedback Agent's 'enhanced' capture mechanism for displays with vertical resolutions lower than 1200.

LB-834 in a different way. The old fix was causing significant slowdowns in switching layers in Modeler, as it invalidated the meshes every time the current layer was switched.
LB-4666 Auto scene saving resets VPR
LB-4667 If a previously added Scene task is no longer valid when the NRC Controller starts -- i.e., scene file, content or output path no longer exist -- it will not be restored to the Task list.

LWB-3045 F10 render fails silently - if image saving fails
LWB-3456 Motion render buffer did not work unless motion blur was on in camera and there was actual deformation at the start time of the frame. 
LWB-3476 The NRC Service now checks all acceptable plug-in paths when validating the environment.
LWB-3494 'visible to camera' still able to be selected for environment light and point light.
LWB-3507 Corrected a typo in a warning dialog's text message.
LWB-3512 Crashes when trying to make a path.
LWB-3518 Can't change Motion Blur sub-frames value using the keyboard
LWB-3527 Fixed slowdown when switching layers in Modeler. Meshes are no longer being invalidated when switching layers. Instead syncs for VMAP changes/add/remove are propagated to all meshes. Mesh validation is then done when layer switching to it, and only if needed, instead of always invalidating the mesh.
LWB-3541 Camera imported with alembic flips rotation if we move any other item
LWB-3542 Gizmo Transform
LWB-3549 heatshrink is not working correctly with tablet
LWB-3553 rendering status in mac icon app bar only show blank rendering status
LWB-3559 Unaffected by Fog
LWB-3561 LightWave 2018.0.2 TweakTool broken
LWB-3566 Splinebridge fixed when the first selection outline points are less than the second selection outline points 
LWB-3569 Save All Objects command doesn't save objects two folders deep
LWB-3572 GUI Checkmark/Name Bug in MDD Multi-Loader
LWB-3573 MDD Multi-Baker vs Multi-Loader File Name Discrepancy
LWB-3574 Crash on VPR or render. OpaquePolygon function wasn't copying vertexIndexes.
LWB-3577 Volumetric radius smaller than 5 mm isn't rendered. Fix determinate check in matrix operations.
LWB-3584 Glow Image Filter "Intensities" Table Heading Position Locked
LWB-3590 surfid = surfInfo->byObject(objinfo->filename( objid )); returns a null surface pointer
LWB-3594 ray cast nearest point index or polygon index causes crash to desktop. fix invalid access.
LWB-3600 Shiny black hair with HDRI environment Light
LWB-3601 Raycast crash
LWB-3604 Changing color in scene editor doesn't refresh
LWB-3608 FFX Crash. fix for bezier curves.
LWB-3610 RayClosest. Fix invalid access.
LWB-3613 Make initial output render buffer "Final Render" checked ON by default (Save enabled).
LWB-3615 Localize issue.
LWB-3618 Mouse dragging DOF circle values not smooth
LWB-3620 Particle system crashes immediately
LWB-3621 The beauty buffer from external renderers is not saved while F10 rendering
LWB-3623 Preview playback not working
LWB-3624 Spotlight cone angle sharpness. restore previous behavior for spotlights with area.
LWB-3628 FX Browser, property windows load on top of each other, crash on close
LWB-3637 With a tablet, copy/paste colors, can change the color drastically. Changed workflow to - CTRL RMB = Copy Swatch, ALT RMB = Paste swatch
LWB-3642 Customize Interface Color - Background splash gives "Can't find Targa Plugin"
LWB-3648 Switch node of the Multi Switch does not control.
LWB-3649 Arbitrary render does not work. Single, Arbitrary and Keyframe renders will now render the current frame on F9.
LWB-3653 Animation End Beep no sound.
LWB-3659 render buffers not copy/paste to Photoshop
LWB-3668 Particle Emitter Type "Object-Normals" and "Object-Verticies" are not right
LWB-3675 Allow querying the ID of which node-editor is open
LWB-3683 SSS for primitive shapes is broken. FIx SSS and odd shadow clipping
LWB-3700 Hue value decreases each time it's viewed in the text edit field (Surface Editor) 

LWF-1485 HSV color swatch in different places has different representation

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