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Saturday, June 25th, 2011 Releases Additional Expansion Packs for Nexus2

Many of you know that I have another life outside of 3D and that’s DJing and electronic dance music production. I am also a huge fan of musical scores for feature films and TV and one of the tools that I use in my track productions is Nexus from ReFX – who are now located (formerly in Germany) just south of Vancouver after moving here last year. ReFX makes several great VST plug-ins for sequencers that make use of the technology but their flagship product Nexus really takes things toRead More

Iron Sky – Day 34

It’s Saturday today and also ‘Mid Summer Fest’ weekend which seems to have been more of a “celebrate monsoon season” event where everyone abandons Tampere for the lakes and cottages. We have been joking about how it would have been great to shoot the Zombie edition of Iron Sky this weekend since not even the Poliisi are out, nowhere to be found – to give a shooting crew any hassle. Shooting permits? It’s the weekend what permit! The place is totally empty and devoid of traffic, people and even soundRead More