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Iron Sky – Day 34

It’s Saturday today and also ‘Mid Summer Fest’ weekend which seems to have been more of a “celebrate monsoon season” event where everyone abandons Tampere for the lakes and cottages. We have been joking about how it would have been great to shoot the Zombie edition of Iron Sky this weekend since not even the Poliisi are out, nowhere to be found – to give a shooting crew any hassle. Shooting permits? It’s the weekend what permit! The place is totally empty and devoid of traffic, people and even sound for the most part except for the annoying and constantly clicking crosswalk indicators for the blind (or the incredibly drunk which seems to be more the case here). It has been raining off and on violently for the past 2 days with hard, fast breaks of sunshine. It may be that the zombie apocalypse has taken place because I’m the only one in the office working right now. Luke is a zombie today I am sure. He was here until 330AM at least after Phil Corne (who arrived from France via London last night) and I went to try and find non-human flesh and freedom fries for food but failed miserably (food in finland? yeah right. More like soviet era imitation Juliet Childs cooking for gulags or some Orwellian version of it) and decided on pints instead at the place next door which seemed to be the only bar open in the entire city. It was busy, there was heavy metal and brain surgeons. In other words it was a mess.  Back to Luke though for a minute. He’s been hard at work on a shot that had several director’s notes from Timo which he has been trying to accommodate and I think he’s finally nailed it with the exception of some camera adjustments which I will take care of for him now. The goal being we can get that shot into render immediately and have it good to go for further review on Monday. So with that said, back to it. Major Tom are you there? Nope, screw him. Let him burn on re-entry we have BBQ action and beer on the menu today. Let’s get these shots done! Kat

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3 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 34

  1. Jeric says:

    What is it with the food in Finland? I’ve never heard anything good about it. Is the beer good to compensate?

    • kat says:

      The beer is microbrew stuff so its much like vancouver in that regard – and I don’t like microbrew beers much. I’m more of a cider kat. They have a few interesting “long drinks” whatever that means. It’s basically a grapefruit and grape gin/juice combination which isn’t terrible. I’m always “warned” about Long Drinks when I order them as if they are some how deadly or something.

  2. Jeric says:

    For me: Hale’s Cream Ale (local) and Anchor Steam (S.F.) Maybe a Heifeweizen (sp?) in the summer.

    Used to be really into the pear ciders– that’s a good summer drink.

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