Main Menu Releases Additional Expansion Packs for Nexus2

Many of you know that I have another life outside of 3D and that’s DJing and electronic dance music production. I am also a huge fan of musical scores for feature films and TV and one of the tools that I use in my track productions is Nexus from ReFX – who are now located (formerly in Germany) just south of Vancouver after moving here last year. ReFX makes several great VST plug-ins for sequencers that make use of the technology but their flagship product Nexus really takes things to a whole new level when it comes to soft-synth and “ROMpler” technology. Recently they have been adding a collection of affordable expansions for Nexus that give you all of the sounds you are hearing today from the TV screen or your radio. These expansions include “Hollywood” and “M-Pop”. For more details and I suggest checking out the videos that demonstrate what sounds are what in each collection, check out the expansions page here.

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2 Comments to Releases Additional Expansion Packs for Nexus2

  1. erikals says:

    :] fun stuff, thanks for the link, not really into this game, but i know reason had a great classic extension pack, with real drums, real violins, etc… :]

  2. kat says:

    You should listen to the Stratosphere pack then or Bigtones signature2. Those are pretty nice and much more affordable with Nexus than L.A. Strings but perhaps not as flexible.

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