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Kat lights? Yup! Get 29,600 IES Lights for free!

A long time ago Kat started collecting IES lights and he’s decided to share his hunting and gathering efforts with the LightWave3D community after a few people seem to have gained a sudden renewed interest in them on a LW oriented FB groups over the past few days. Check it out. Approximately 29,600 IES lights (that’s a guess but it’s pretty accurate) all neatly organized into directories named after the websites they were pulled from and include the PDFs, Word Docs and other tidbits of information that came with them originally so you have as much info to go on as possible for replicating the lighting in CG or in the real world.  This is a great collection every archvis artists should have in their kit. Grab it now (all 200+MB worth) free! Use this link to download!

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