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Liberty3D UberCam 1.0 Now Shipping!

Hey oh! Seems like a great day for news in the LightWave community, so we figured we would add to the goodness. We are very pleased to officially announce….. Liberty3D UberCam for LightWave3D 9.6! 11 New and Awesome Cameras for LightWave3D that you can use in production right away. You get the following in this single, easy to use plug-in:

Liberty3D Stereoscopic Camera Liberty3D Dual-Cam Camera Liberty3d 4-Up Camera Liberty3D 12-Up Camera Liberty3D Perspective Camera Liberty3D Perspective Camera (No DoF) Liberty3D Perspective Camera (No DoF) (No Motion Blur) Liberty3D Panoramic Camera Liberty3D Cylinder Camera Liberty3D Skybox Camera Liberty3D FishEye Camera

MacOS 32bit, Win64bit and Win32bit versions are shipped in this plug-in. See a demo here of the Stereoscopic Camera while it was still in beta here.… It’s priced at $39.95USD for the time being but may be going up to $59.95USD at the end of the month (there is a really good reason for this). Those of you who bought the Liberty3D StereoCamera during the early bird special for $25.00 will get the Ubercam upgrade for free. If you missed out, sorry, but will will have some more specials soon. You can immediately purchase the UberCam package here.

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