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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022


New!! LightWave 2020- Volume #15- Get Started III & 31 FREE Tileable Rock Textures!!

-Get it now for just $19.00 USD In this fifteenth volume of the Lightwave 2020/2019/2018 Series 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces LightWave 2020’s powerful surfacing toolset.  Many hours went into creating the giant rock texture pack included with video training and on how to use them in your own work!!  A great video volume for getting started with surfacing in LightWave 2020. Topics Covered:  1) Introduction to Node Surfacing Basics, 2) Principled BSDF Material Node Set-Up, 3) Standard Material Node Set-Up, 4) Creating Cool Rock Surfaces with the FREE RockRead More