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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 4

Continuing on in this series of videos, award winning VFX artist Kelly “Kat” Myers walks you through an actual production shot from a low budget film in Practical Production Techniques Vol. 4. Understand work flow for completing a visual FX shot using live action footage that has to be tracked in 3D, technical considerations of the footage itself and then tracking the seemingly impossible shot with ease. This video starts in Fusion for review of the material, then over to Syntheyes for tracking and then into LightWave where you gain control over you new world and then smash a meteor into it. Don’t get complicated! Get it done! Do it all all in under 100 minutes! This is how fast you need to work in order to get work and keep it. The techniques in this video are major time savers, and will let you expand on the concepts into your own shots right away. Example Scenes are included! Just $18.00USD

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