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Advanced Space Scene Creation Vol. 2

Continuing on with the concepts and techniques from Advanced Space Scene Creation Vol. 1, Kelly “Kat” Myers takes you to another level showing you how to mix LightWave volumetrics and objects to create even more fantastical space scenes. This video includes the assets so you to immediately open it up, drop in your own space ship and go. You can follow along with the tutorial video (which is over 2 hours in length) and make your own scene easily, building on these techniques which are widely used in space scenes as shown on TV and in Film. This video tutorial compliments Advanced Space Scene Creation Vol. 1 and makes a great addition to that volume, but can be used and understood without having it in your collection. At this low price of just $17.99USD, Advanced Space Scene Creation Vol. 2 is a great deal. More videos in this series are planned, advancing each time in complexity and techniques and will be made available exclusively through $17.99USD Instant Download

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