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LightWave3D Spacecraft Modeling by Adam Gibson

Lightwave 3D Spacecraft Modeling by Adam Gibson This video is great for those of you who wish to get into Sci-Fi or Vehicle modeling. In this training tutorial you will how to create an organic style spaceship that combines both smooth and hard edged Sub-D surfaces in one mesh. There are very few videos which show how to do this. It also shows traditional Polygonal modeling to create certain details and parts of the spaceship. 3D Students will greatly benefit from this fully detailed tutorial which shows all parts of the production process in modeling an advanced-level model of this kind. Software Used: Lightwave 3D 9.3.1 User Level: Beginner to Novice Video Codec: Quicktime Video Available via Instant Download for $19.00 [wp_eStore_buy_now:product_id:47:end]

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