Main Menu Welcomes Javis Jones and Kiko Sato!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have some new citizens here at! While many of you have been aware that Kiko Sato (Developer of Bakudan and UberCam) is now on board we are also very happy to welcome Javis Jones to the Citizenry here at Liberty3d! While Kiko is busy working on new tools in the “Uber” family, Javis has helped to expand our video training products offering in the 3D-Coat section of the store by leaps and bounds! Together with Adam’s videos on 3D-Coat and zBrush and LightWave we now have the best selection of up to date, modern training videos at the best prices from two of the best instructors on the net for these products!  We also hope to see new Videos and product updates to Reference Image from Leigh Bamforth as well now that he’s gotten his feet wet with LightWave3D over the last 6 months mixing in his skills with 3D-Coat, zBrush, and XSI! While other “training” sites seem to be standing still sending out useless newsletters about stuff you are probably not interested in, we are moving forward with new product, new training and expanding our roster here at! Make no mistake, there is a reason why we are all here instead of somewhere else. Liberty3d knows why you are here too and we thank you for your support! We have even more groovy things planned for the site and are working hard to bring them online and offer them to you as your computer graphics resource! Stay tuned! Kat

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