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Practical Production Techniques Vol. Three

Yup! A new month and a new video from Kat.
Practical Production Techniques Vol. Three [kat]
Practical Production Techniques Vol. Three [kat]
Continuing on in this series of videos, award winning VFX artist Kelly "Kat" Myers walks you through several handy concepts battle tested on productions that you can take advantage of in Practical Production Techniques Vol. 3. In this video learn about "Light Boards", Light Cookies or "Gobos" and how to link up controllers to give you control over just about any aspect you can think of in LightWave's Lighting system and be able to expand on these concepts to just about anything that can be controlled via an envelope. At a run-time of 110 Minutes in 7 parts at a glorious 1920x1200 display resolution this video gives you the low down on time saving techniques and ultra simple but elegant ways of controlling light arrays from just a few lights to literally hundreds if not thousands. Example Scenes are included!
Price: $18.00

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