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Liberty3D UberCam update coming soon!

I just wanted to let you folks know that we are working towards an update of UberCam for LightWave3D and we will have some special enhancements and features ready for you shortly. Development is proceeding at the moment on several new products and tools from Liberty3D in conjunction with our Citizens and Friends of, looking towards the future with LightWave 10. The next update to UberCam is of course free and resolves some small issues while also bringing in some new functionality and cameras that you will able to take advantage of in your productions; big or small. The response to UberCam has been awesome and we are very happy in hearing your thoughts and ideas surrounding its use and many of these comments are finding their way into the next release. So stay tuned and we will have it out shortly! But don’t forget, development continues behind the scenes on other products. Many of these are being built because we need them too, so when they are ready to go you can look for them here. It’s going to be an awesome year coming up with LW10 just about to release and we are on top of it! More goodies for LightWave and new videos are coming for Fusion, LightWave, 3D-Coat and more.

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