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In anticipation of LightWave 10, we are starting to get very excited here at Starting today and until the release of LW10 we are offering 25% off on all our videos and products. No, this isn’t a “blow out sale” of older videos. But it is a celebration of what we think will be the most massive and powerful update to LightWave3D in it’s 20 year history. That means big savings for you and a massive boost for the LightWave3D community.  So get in on the action and join our discussion thread in our forums as we now have a special LightWave10 section, and check out some of our videos and tools. We are going to have a very busy December ahead of us! During the holidays, make sure you set some time aside for LightWave10 and You won’t regret it. To pick up something in the store now at 25% off, use the coupon code: LW10 This coupon applies to all of our products, not just LightWave related ones, so have fun and thanks for joining in on the celebrations! And Thank You NewTek!

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